We can make it “Look Easy
It is simple to begin practising aesthetics or include it into your
current medical journey.

For medical professionals looking to advance their knowledge, skills, and abilities, MEDSKLS is an exclusive training institute that helps doctors ‘Redefine their Skills’; Approved by CPD and Accredited by QAHE. Our establishment in Pakistan dates back to 2020, when the need for high-quality deep practical training of medical realm combined with instruction.

In collaboration with top local aestheticians, dermatologists, and other medical experts; we provide comprehensive practical classes centered on honing fundamental and sophisticated medical techniques along with hands-on training on live models. Our programs are focused on small groups and have a low student-to-trainer ratio for exclusive attention individually.

Enhance your love for art of medicine and transform it to Love for Humanity.


As the world looks towards defining their lifestyle and beauty, now is the right time to become a part of this rapidly growing field. MEDSKLS is the pioneer for introducing International standards of trainings for post graduate professionals in Pakistan.

Our trainers and training managers work round the clock to ensure that you are equipped with the latest skills and techniques of the field and are able to safely incorporate this knowledge in your healthcare practice.

We are currently helping healthcare professionals across Pakistan to up-skill with these professional trainings, grow as professionals and offer better services to the patients.

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Farhan Chattha