Dr. Hassan Saeed Khan

Plastic Surgeon & Aesthetic Physician
Plastic Surgery & Facial Aesthetics

MBBS, FCPS (PLASTIC SURGERY), Aesthetic Physician & Surgeon

Devoted and enthusiastic, Dr. Hassan Saeed Khan is a gifted Plastic Surgeon and an expert in field of plastic surgery. Owing to his diligent and unique training, Dr. Hassan has the requisite medical knowledge and skills necessary to perform detailed procedures and training safely.

He has been running his own clinic for the past few years and is skilled in a variety of procedures. He is most well-known for his innovative procedures regarding cleft lip and palate surgery, which requires lesser follow up surgery as the child grows. His technique commences the latest techniques with traditional incisions procedures to create a natural look that is definitely noticeable, but not overwhelming.

Dr. Khan was inspired to go into medicine after an internship at a hospital, where he saw how difficult it was for patients to get reconstructive surgery after trauma. He attended the College of Physician and Surgeons and subsequently did his residency and fellowship in Plastics at the Jinnah Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Centre, Lahore. He is licensed and boarded in Pakistan & holds multiple offices in Lahore.

He focuses on cosmetic procedures including Botox, face lifts, fat removal and sculpting, as well as augmentation. Dr. Khan is also devoted in helping patients repair their lives following trauma. He donates his time to help reconstruct bodies and faces of burn victims as well as those that have undergone severe trauma. His skills balance an aesthetic attention to detail with utility and a natural look. Which is why over 5000 patients have chosen him to perform procedures to enhance their bodies.

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