Dr. Maham Ramzan

Dermatologist & Cosmetologist
Aesthetic Physician
Designation :

MBBS, Msc (Dermatology) Aesthetic Physician & Trainer

Dr. Maham Ramzan, a proficient dermatologist with over 8 years of practice, combines advanced methods with solid knowledge in a seamless manner. She has aced in her domain, as a distinguished dermatologist and an expert in fields of both medical and
cosmetic dermatology.

Armed with her MBBS and FCPS from University of Health Science, she established herself as an achieved trainer in medical and cosmetic dermatology. She received certification in University of Health Science under the supervision of experts, contributing her best to revolutionize the world of aesthetic procedures and training. We, along with many satisfied clients trust in her skillful hands, weaving a tale of compassion and scientific advancement in the realm of aesthetics.

Devoted and unwavering, she is an accomplished dermatologist and an expert in aesthetic training. Owing to her rigorous and unique training, she has the requisite medical knowledge and skills necessary to perform and train aesthetic practices. Dr. Maham, an expert dermatologist, has reached a significant milestone in her career. Her trusted and steady hands in aesthetic procedures have undoubtedly contributed to the well-being of many satisfied clients. We celebrate Dr. Maham’s success and continued excellence.

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