Dr. Tania Javaid


MBBS, FCPS Radiologist

Dr. Tania Javed, a proficient radiologist with over 7 years of experience , knows how to merge traditional expertise with innovative approaches. Having rooted into aesthetic radiology, she has become a pioneer in her field. She specializes in hunting and diagnosing injuries and diseases through medical imaging procedures. Her medical journey started at Rawalpindi Medical University, with post graduate training in radiology at Holy Family Hospital where she earned FCPS degree in diagnostic Radiology. Under the supervision of Dr Nasir Khan she honed her skills, laying the foundation for a vibrant career.

Equipped with substantial knowledge and a commitment to best practices, Dr. Tania stand as a stalwart figure in the realm of medical imaging. Her expertise transcend the intricacies of interpreting complex scans, showcasing a profound understanding of cutting-edge technologies and diagnostic methodologies. Meticulously adhering to best practices, she plays a crucial role in unraveling the mysteries hidden within medical images, contributing significantly to accurate diagnoses and patient care.

The value of her participation in Ultrasound guided basic interventional procedures under the IRSP has taken her career in radiology to a splendid class. She learned the delicate skill of studying medical imaging carefully to expose the injuries or diseases putting her patients in discomfort. With her expert opinion, it has been very easy for doctors to catch fatal diseases in time and treat their patients.

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